HumanOS® is an adaptive and teachable software kernel forming the core of any intelligent machine. On the one hand, this kernel allows the machine to enter into a conversation with the human being, i.e. to gaing and exchange knowledge. However, it also serves as an interface to other machines and production platforms (e.g. crowd manufacturing).



The Human Operation System (HumanOS®) is more than just a software solution. As an integral part of a human-centered system, HumanOS® allows:
  • Conversation between human and machines
  • Exchange of knowledge, intentions and goals
  • Dynamic and adaptive behavior based on gained knowledge


HumanOS® can be used in your business in different areas:
  • Control of machines
  • Handling complex business transactions (eg. controlling and monitoring processes)
  • Human training and education
  • Smart building and environments
  • ...

Your Framework

HumanOS® provides an open and modular framework. It can be extended by plugins, be it

  • New drivers to manage hardware and real-time systems
  • New services to provide data to an ERP, cloud, or remote services
  • Or algorithms and rules to customize the data, information and knowledge processing
HumanOS Kernel

Your Development

With the HumanOS® SDK, you can also easily and simply develop Your own plug-in modules keeping Your company's core know-how internally. With the SDK .net you can develop for plugins for:

  • Hardware drivers and real-time system integration
  • Services, like OPC-UA Server, MT-Connect Agents
  • Rules and processors, such as data processing and data correlation algorithms

Development of HumanOS®

HumanOS® is developed in three stages:

HumanOS® SmartGateway

The first stage is called "Smart Gateway". It transfers data from hardware to the kernel and makes it available as information to the outside. It comes with standard services such as OPC UA and MT-Connect.

Data is automatically historized and stored locally on the IPC. This allows condition monitoring and predictive applications to retrieve and correlate these data anytime.

Your advantages are:

  • HumanOS™ can be expanded very easily (e.g. through your own plugins and rules)
  • Functional also without cloud and networking. Data is correlated and managed locally
  • Provides the basis for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • Comes with a comprehensive OPC-UA server and MTConnect Agent
  • High performance FANUC integration into your SmartFactory

HumanOS SmartGateway

This product is available from 2017 onwards.
HumanOS® SmartControl
HumanOS® SmartAssistent


High Connectivity for FANUC Controls

High Connectivity for FANUC Controls
As part of the HumanOS® project, we offer a comprehensive OPC UA server and a MTConnect Agent for FANUC controllers. This intelligent and high-performance gateway allows you to connect your machines and robots with MES, ERP, cloud applications and remote maintenance services.

OPC UA and MTConnect can be operated in parallel. This allows a very open and flexible integration into your SmartFactory.

HumanOS® SDK .net

HumanOS® SDK .net
With the HumanOS® SDK we offer you the possibility to create your own plug-ins for HumanOS™ SmartGateway, SmartControl or SmartAssistent. The SDK is based on the Microsoft .NET Framework. Correspondingly, you can write your modules in C#, VB, or managed C++.
Over 15 years experience and knowledge of industrial machine controls, software architecture and engineering, artificial and pervasive intelligence, we are dedicated to provide the best and economical solutions to our valued customers.

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