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Human-IST Research CenterOur Research is associated with Human-IST Research Center University of Fribourg. 

Human-Centered System Design

With the increasing digitalization of the workplace and the private environment, holistic approaches are becoming more important in order to be able to optimally integrate and serve human beings. Our work focuses on modeling for human-centered systems, where human and machine form an adaptive learning organization and work together to achieve their common goals. Here, humans are handled as holistic and even spiritual beings and forming a human-machine symbiosis. From this holistic and systemic standpoint, we propose several design principles for human-centered systems that ensure human dignity and integrity, i.e. to not be harmed, enslaved, reduced, etc. In a concrete prototype design addressing smart industrial machines, we show how these principles can be applied and what their implications are.

Cybernetics and Generic System Modeling

Approaching human-centered system design, we developed a holistic and generic system model, called URANOS. The model allows to describe systems properties which are not considered in classical approaches, such as the influence of machines within humans’ natural and socio-cultural environments. Therefore, it provides a deep understanding of dynamics and evolutionary development of complex and non-linear systems.

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